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Best Type of Electric Cars For Different Sized Vehicles

Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:41 pm

I thought vehicle size doesn't matter in the case of choosing the type of electric vehicles. The post I am sharing in Ioniq EV forum says the different. It says, although it might not be a problem, but if there is a matter of efficiency, some EV techs stand out more for different sized vehicles.

Battery, fuel cell, and plug-in hybrid electric powertrains can be used in all sizes of vehicles, from buses and big-rigs to compact cars, but some technologies stand out more for different applications.

Battery Electric Powertrains
Because doubling range requires about double the batteries, battery electric powertrains are best positioned for smaller vehicles, where a smaller, less expensive, battery can be used to deliver significant range.

Battery electric powertrains are also well suited for fleet vehicles of all sizes that need only limited range and operate under stop-and-go conditions. Good examples include mail or utility trucks, garbage trucks and local delivery trucks which today spend a lot of time wasting fuel from idling and operating within a relatively short range. Battery electric vehicles don’t waste energy when they are idling, and they recover energy during the braking portion of stop and go travel.

Fuel Cell Vehicles
Fuel cell vehicles are best suited to larger cars and trucks, especially those that need longer range, because their most expensive component, the fuel cell system, doesn’t have to increase in size to deliver more range in the way batteries do. More range is still more expensive because hydrogen storage still costs money, but it is less expensive to increase the hydrogen storage capacity of a FCEV than it is to add a larger battery to extend a BEV’s range. In the near term, while hydrogen infrastructure is limited, fuel cell vehicles are well suited to centrally refueled fleet vehicles. In the long term, when there is a more extensive hydrogen infrastructure, fuel cells could work well in any size, and might be the best alternative to replace diesel engines in long haul trucks.

Plug-in Hybrids
Plug-in hybrids can be used in all sizes of vehicles, but, like battery electric vehicles, larger applications require more expensive batteries, limiting either their application or effectiveness. Plug-in hybrids may make the most sense for medium-sized cars and SUVs, where they can fill a sweet spot where battery-only powertrains are increasingly expensive and fuel cells are not quite sufficiently cost effective yet.

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