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Mileage out of UK

Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:59 pm

I have been looking for some owner type information online and came across some interesting mileages that seem consistent in what Hyundai had said the Ioniq was going to get. Some of the new electric vehicles have fallen a bit short of their ratings but Ioniq seems to hold strong. These are out of the UK

Hi folks,

about 700km away now, not filled her up for the second time yet.
According to the computer I scored 20.9 km/l (=59mpg-UK or 49.1mpg-US) so far. That is combined driving for short distances (<20km) and a few longer distances (4 x 130km).
Speed at highways: 110km/h (68mph) on Cruise Control where 100km/h is allowed, 125km/h (78mph) CC where 120 is allowed and 135km/h (84mph) on CC where 130km/h is allowed.
I find this score really good, but have to check if the computer is accurate at the next tank-fill. So, i'm not much of an eco driver as bluecar1 is, but I'm satified at the moment. The only thing I do to 'eco-drive' is anticipate on lifting the throttle or disengage the CC early and do light regenerative braking to harvest some electric energy to the battery. Also on local roads (max 50,70 or 80km/h) I play with the throttle to go electric as much as possible.

Specifications say the car can drive in EV mode up to speeds of 120km/h, but even at speeds of 135km/h (on speedometer is about 128km/h in real) I have seen the EV light come on for 20-30seconds or so every now and then.

So glad I bought this car, really love it so far.

best i have seen is 72mpg UK

620 miles out of a tank

the manual says it is bad to run out of petrol, i assume as the start is run off the HV battery it will drain that at which point you will not be happy

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Re: Mileage out of UK

Tue Apr 11, 2017 3:15 am

Sounds like a very happy customer!

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