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Price Speculation on IONIQ EV

Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:44 am

So - unless I missed it, we don't know the IONIQ pricing yet in the USA or Canada.

Here's what we know:
Ioniq Electric in the UK costs £28995 which roughly converts to $38,000 USD
Ioniq Hybrid is £19995 which converts to $26,000 USD

We know that at that prices the IONIQ would fail, now that the 200+ mile Bolt is out and costs around the $38000 USD mark as well.

So, what will the IONIQ cost be in the USA?

If we take the some other Hyundai UK price and convert to US price, we get a factor of about 0.9.

Using that number, the IONIQ EV should cost around $26,000 in USD - I think that is too low, it will likely be around the $30,000 number. After federal incentives, is should be around $22,500 USD

Care to agree/disagree?

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