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Some changes recommended by UK owner

Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:01 am

Here is review from an owner who would change some things around. He or she is happy with their Ioniq, again out of the UK, but found some things a bit off

By three weeks experiencing the Ioniq Hybrid Premium SE I found some strange anomalies in the equipment which to my opinion are simple to resolve against minor extra costs. Do not misunderstand; I still like and appreciate the Ioniq very much, but the topics below demonstrate an improvement potential for Hyundai by simply better thinking things through. Aren’t Koreans masters in “better smartly duplicated than poorly invented” ?

1. Welcome lights in door handles and side mirrors are nice gadgets but functional completely useless. Instead, I would have appreciated to have a LED bulb in the dashboard cabin which is missing. That is really a shame for a car in this price- and luxury equipment class.
2. Back seat heating is a welcome feature especially for our Ioniq fellows in Canada and Scandinavia. In Holland the number of low temperature days when this is really necessary is almost zero. Wouldn’t it be logical for fuel efficiency to bring in a control switch for the driver to switch all back seats heating off (same as for automatic windows) to avoid our children leaving the car with grilled buts?

3. The ADS (automatic defog system) is a smart feature which should become standard in every car. What I don’t understand is why someone should prefer to disable this and why this switch-off is hidden in holding the front heater knob for 2 seconds (??). ADS never sits other heating or cooling functions in the way so why shut it off?

4. What is the purpose of a luggage net? Completely useless and dangerous for small children.

5. Why is the Ioniq not standard equipped with a spare wheel ( home comer) and do we have to pay 300 euro extra to have one? Compressors and PUR tire repair fluids are crap. Environment unfriendly and always involve a new tire. Weak for HYUNDAI pretending environmental awareness.

6. SatNav with integrated audio looks fine. Map actuality leaves much to be desired. Perhaps Hyundai should consider to standard bring integrated Google Auto. This saves much navigating frustration. Also several POI info in the system is far outdated or even completely false. This could have been done much better. I’m still figuring out how to enter my own POI information in the system ( please help!).

7. Last but not least the vehicles documentation is one of the most lousy pieces of paper I have even seen. To my opinion the page count can be reduced to 1/3 skipping all the redundant topics which are repeated 2 or 3 times. Saves a lot of trees. On the other hand very critical info is omitted like how to open the car in a power failure situation with the physical key. Nowhere is pointed out you have to remove the door handle cap on drivers side. Very nice (!) when you are lurking in the dark to find the keyhole ( remember your welcome light wont work in a power failure!!).

8. In my user manual copy sometimes three different languages are mixed together in an incomprehensible blabla. My advice is to skip this document and search your answer in the Ioniq Forum. Always members willing to help you along.

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Re: Some changes recommended by UK owner

Tue Apr 11, 2017 3:14 am

They're mostly minor things but definitely annoying! Did the owner comment on how it is to drive, its range and any positive aspects?

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