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Tech Specs

Sun Apr 02, 2017 11:19 pm

A quick review or update on the recent reporting on the Tech Specs

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-dr ... e34095109/

The Ioniq’s mechanical ingredients include, on the HEV and PHEV, an all-new, ultra-efficient 1.6-litre Atkinson-cycle “Kappa” engine teamed with a six-speed DCT dual-clutch automatic. The gas engine’s 104 horsepower is partnered by 32- and 45-kW electric motors in the HEV and PHEV respectively. The BEV pairs an 88-kW electric motor with a single-speed transmission.

The HEV and PHEV also get a trick multi-link rear suspension, while the BEV’s simpler torsion-beam rear end makes space for its 28-kWh battery; the HEV and PHEV batteries rate 1.56- and 8.9-kWh respectively. Fuel-consumption data available so far credits the base HEV Blue with 4.1 litres/100 km combined, other HEVs with 4.4, and the BEV with 1.7 Le/100 km equivalent. The first and last of those are claimed to be best in their respective classes.

Hyundai Canada’s press preview was side-swiped by a snow dump that the local desert-dwellers were clearly ill-equipped to handle, so driving conditions precluded in-depth evaluation. Suffice to say our time in the BEV seemed to confirm its 200-kilometre claimed range is do-able in the right conditions, and better than any other BEV, except the game-changing Chevrolet Bolt or the big-bucks Tesla.

Helped by its slick, stepped DCT transmission the HEV provided a pleasing, seamlessly normal driving experience.

It’s going to be a while before PHEVs are available to drive. By then, warm dry pavement should allow us to better judge the claims for engaging dynamics. Meanwhile, let’s leave Ioniq prospects with one more acronym to ponder: YPYMAYTYC. You Pays Your Money and You Takes Your Choice.

Base price: TBA

Engine: 1.6-litre Atkinson-Cycle L4

Motor: 32/45/88 kW (HEV/PHEV/BEV)

Drive: Front-wheel drive, Six-speed DCT (HEV/PHEV); One-speed (BEV)

Fuel economy (litres/100 km): HEV Blue: 4.2 city, 4.0 highway; HEV: 4.3 city, 4.4 highway; BEV: 1.6 Le/100 km city, 1.9 highway

Alternatives: Chevrolet Bolt (BEV), Chevrolet Volt (PHEV), Ford C-Max (HEV or PHEV), Ford Focus Electric, Kia Niro (HEV), Kia Soul Electric, Mitsubishi i-Miev (BEV), Nissan Leaf (BEV), Toyota Prius (HEV) or Prius Prime (PHEV)

Image I know it's a birds eye or fish eye view but the cargo space does look big for the size of the car plus I think these sliding covers of the space is brilliant. You can keep your gym bag or tennis rackets or whatever junk or stuff you tote around with you all the time out of the way and under cover for prying eyes or even for the reason to hide the mess

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