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Battery charging advertisement

Tue May 09, 2017 3:43 pm

http://charging-station.flo.ca/flo-home ... fgodnPQGiA

FLO Home
“Easy to install and made with quality materials, so it’s ultra-durable. It connects on its own and remote control is easy with the mobile application. Terrific!”


Owner of a FLO Home X5
“FLO uses its business expertise to correct the weaknesses of the main charging stations now available on the market by providing a scalable solution that reflects its overall business strategy.”

President of Association des Véhicules Électriques du Québec

Starting at $995
The most advanced electric charging station on the market
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The FLO Home charging station is available in two models.
Manage your charging settings online from anywhere and at any time, automatic software update and addition of a second station on the same breaker (X5 only).
Charges 5 times faster than a standard outlet (120V). Feel confident that you're leaving home every morning with a fully charged electric vehicle.
100% aluminum enclosure built to resist extreme variations in temperature (from -40°to +50°C) and the cable remains flexible even in the coldest cold.

The FLO Home charging station consumes no more electricity than an air conditioner.
Protects your vehicle and your home against fluctuations in the power grid.

The station’s network connection allows us to remotely monitor your unit’s status to ensure service quality and offer real-time technical support (X5 only).

FLO Home G5


Sturdy, high-performance and safe

Made in Canada by Addénergie, Canada's first manufacturer of charging solutions
3-year warranty
100% aluminum NEMA 4X certified
25 feet ultra flex cable
Integrated safety features
FLO Home X5


Same features as the G5, plus :

Remote configuration via online portal or mobile app
Energy management features
Automatic software updates
Real time monitoring
Easy addition of a second station on the same breaker

Learn moreLearn more

1 (888) 943-8356 | flo.ca

Extremely robust and manufactured in Canada, our connected residential charging station is recognized for its absolute reliability, the quality of its workmanship and its user-friendliness.
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HAHA this is the first time I have seen an EV battery charging ad as part of regular advertisement. I see all types of ads put into my daily news surfing but the first time for this

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Re: Battery charging advertisement

Thu May 11, 2017 5:14 am

No kidding I've never had that happen yet

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