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Electric Car Range Requirements … From Current EV Drivers (CleanTechnica Report)

Wed May 24, 2017 12:20 am

So clean technica is rapidly becoming my favourite site to visit. Factual articles and love this report - too bad I'm not paying the 500.00 to get the rest of of it but we do get to read 63 of the 93 page report at this link. For me there was a lot to digest about range requirements globally, what it will mean for the future and what type of range is typical in not only my geographical area but others close to me. Seeing some of the data (haven't read all 63 pages yet) it also brings forth other questions on which way the EV should go. Is range the only be all and end all or are their other convenient or must have that need to be thought of prior to spending a ton on money on charging stations and especially slow charging stations. Like I said a worth while read for me and thought I would pass it along for anyone who is interested ... ca-report/

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