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California Is Going To Test Power-Generating Roads

Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:55 pm

Until reading some of the articles on why solar powered roads is not a good idea and what are better ideas I was a firm believer in solar powered road ways. I had no idea generating energy can be found in so many different source types. I posted this article because I thought it might be an interesting read for some.

Many find the idea of generating electricity from our roadways very appealing. People went nuts over the idea of solar roadways, even though that’s a singularly terrible idea. There’s actually a much better way to extract energy from roads, and California state officials agreed last week to provide $2.3 million for two test projects that will use piezoelectrics embedded in roads to turn the passing of cars on the road into power.

Piezoelectric materials are ones that generate an electric charge when they encounter mechanical stresses, like the sort of stress a car would apply to a road while driving. It’s easy to see how roadways with embedded piezoelectric arrays would be a great way to capture and repurpose energy from passing cars that would otherwise be wasted. The cars are going to exert a force on the road no matter what; why not harvest it?

The two projects to be funded are a 200-foot stretch of pavement on the UC-Merced campus, which will be filled with tiny piezo arrays stacked “like quarters” in the road surface. Some estimates suggest that as little as 400 cars per hour would be needed to make the system economically viable. In California’s urban areas, that’s a laughably easy number to hit.

The second test will be undertaken by a company called Pyro-E, and will use a half-mile of highway to potentially harvest enough power for 5,000 homes.

There’s concerns about what the equipment may do to road surface longevity and wear, and these tests will help find answers to those questions.

This sure seems worth trying; last time the Bureau of Transportation Statistics checked in 2013, there were 1.3 million miles of paved road in the U.S. That’s a lot of free energy waiting to be harnessed. ... 1794498685

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Re: California Is Going To Test Power-Generating Roads

Wed May 03, 2017 2:38 am

I also thought solar power was a better way to generate energy off of Roads it's amazing to me the science that the movement of the wheels on the roads can generate better amounts of energy than the sun itself. I also was under the assumption that by adding solar panels to Vehicles roof Hood trunk we would be able to power our electric vehicles through solar power in areas and locations where there is a lot of sunshine however it was brought to my attention that to have a solar power roof on a vehicle would only operate the auxillary functions within that car and could not generate enough energy to power the actual

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