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Test Drive Ioniq EV in Ireland.

Sat Feb 25, 2017 10:45 am

I test drove the Ioniq EV only here in Ireland a few days ago and I drove 207 Kms, in total. After 115 Kms driving 100-110 Kph I had 37% battery left and charged up to 90% in 25 mins at 65 Kw, surprisingly , our "45 Kw" DC chargers pump out 65 Kw !

Efficiency was 15.3 Kwh/100 Kms and by the time I reached my work turn off after 61 Kms I knew it was a decent bit more efficient than my 2015 24 Kwh Nissan Leaf. That was with about 65 Kms driving in rain and strong breeze the rest was breezy but dry.

15.3 Kwh/100 Kms = 6.53 Kms per KWH. 17-20% more efficient than the Leaf seems about right. I set off at 10 Deg C and it was wet and pretty windy.

Judging by this then at 100-110 Kph ( roughly 62-68 Mph) 180 Kms (111 Miles) are possible on a charge but the question is, how much of the battery charge does it hide, if any ? for instance, in the leaf 24 Kwh at 35% it's more like 42% , it hides 7%.

I am sure with better weather and driving 100 Kph that close to 200 Kms can be achieved, especially in warmer weather. I did not pre heat the car before I left either. However the real key difference was the Ioniq's ability to charge from 35-90 % in just 25 Mins. 90% in the Ioniq is about a 100% charge in the 24 Kwh leaf and the Leaf would take between 35-50 mins to reach 90% from 37%. The 30 Kwh leaf charges faster but limited to 45 Kw and power tapers off at 80% the 24 Kwh leaf tapers off at 55% and charges roughly 35 Kw all the way to 80% and then down to about 10 Kw. The Ioniq at 90% is charging at 35 Kw. I was very impressed.

300 Kms (186 Miles) at a realistic speed is very achievable in the Ioniq with just a 25-30 min charge, (charger power dependent of course) 200 miles would be achievable at bit slower pace and better weather with a 25 min charge.

I was very impressed with the Ioniq's Adaptive cruise control and capable of taking the car to a complete stop, it will take off again but too slow to ensure you're still alert which you need to be at junctions etc. You will have to press the throttle to get it moving at a decent pace.

The lane keeping function I found lethal and will kill you, it's there "Only" as a very last resort if you are foolish enough to take your eye off the road for a second or two but even then it could steer you into the shoulder or across the centre line even on good quality motorway with clearly visible lines on the road. !

The ride quality was excellent even on poor quality roads.

Hyundai have stated they will add more battery range possibly in 2018 and it's just a shame they didn't install a 40 Kwh battery from the start.

If I were in the market for an EV right now then the Ioniq would be my top choice for sure, very impressed.

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Re: Test Drive Ioniq EV in Ireland.

Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:40 am

Thanks for sharing your personal experience with the Ioniq. From my reading, it seems to be a very impressive car... your test drive seems to support that!

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Re: Test Drive Ioniq EV in Ireland.

Thu Mar 02, 2017 9:24 am

Yes, thanks for that. A 60 kWh version would be my preference. Sounds like a me a great car.

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Re: Test Drive Ioniq EV in Ireland.

Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:07 am

300 km's rocks. That is a fair distance. Typically on road trips in a gas vehicle I don't travel more than 300 km's before there is an option for a fuel up. You would just have to plan your route accordingly. This is really encouraging news for people who have range anxiety prior to purchasing. As time goes on the major roadways will have charging stations at all rest stops etc - just hope it doesn't take too long

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